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For the Webmaster:

If you have not already done so, you may begin uploading files to your site. The process by which files are transferred to the server is called File Transport Protocol (FTP). Your ISP (Internet connectivity provider) may already supply you with an FTP interface. If you need FTP software, you can download FTP software for either the PC or Mac from the Technical Support Web Site. Customers with Microsoft FrontPage® extensions installed on their sites should use only the FrontPage publishing feature to transfer files.

Remember that your web document root directory is /htdocs. The directory is already present in your account, and it is not necessary to create a new folder called /htdocs. Upload all of your web page files, including graphics, within this directory (or within subfolders of this directory).

To make your home page load automatically, name the HTML document "index.html" in lowercase and upload it to the /htdocs directory of your account. Be sure to upload HTML documents in ASCII mode and images in BINARY mode.  After your new index.html document has been uploaded, it will replace this page automatically.

For additional information, please visit the Webii Technical Support Web Site.


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